"The Invasion of Tokyo" (仮称) Storyline(モドキ): Libraryカード(1)

  • Tokyo Library カード・リストその1 (Ver.0.3): 計18種の内9種
    • The Ruler of Tokyo (Political Action)
    • Powerbase: Tokyo (Master)
    • Tokyo Headquarter (Master)
    • Long Term Mission (Action)
    • Sabotage in Tokyo (Event)
    • War in Tokyo (Event)
    • Politics in Tokyo (Event)
    • This Is Our Land (Event)
    • Katana (Equipment)


"The Invasion of Tokyo" (仮称) Storyline(モドキ): Libraryカード(2)

  • Tokyo Library カード・リストその2 (Ver.0.3): 計18種の内9種
    • Kitsune Doshi (Ally) Werewolf
    • Zaibatsu Entrepreneur (Ally) Mage
    • Fist of Japan Rebel (Ally) Wraith
    • Tanuki Trickster (Ally) Changeling
    • Strike Force Zero Team (Ally) Mortal
    • Otaku (Ally) Mortal
    • Yakuza (Ally) Mortal
    • Joshi-Kosei (Ally) Mortal
    • Salary man (Ally) Mortal