3rd Edition


Ablative Skin R
Art Scam R
Art of Pain, The R
Awe R
Banshee Ironwail R
Black Metamorphosis R
Blood of the Sabbat R
Bloodbath R
Body Flare R
Creation Rites U
Daring the Dawn R
Darkness Within U
Dauntain Black Magician (Changeling) R
Decapitate U
Depravity U
Derange R
Direct Intervention U
Disarm R
Dreams of the Sphinx R2
Freak Drive U
Gang Territory R
Gangrel Conspiracy R
Giant's Blood R
Haven Affinity R
Horrid Form U
Hungry Coyote, The R
Immortal Grapple U
Infernal Familiar R
Infernal Pact R
Intimidation R
Ivory Bow R
Living Manse R
Lunatic Eruption R
Magic of the Smith R
Marked Path R
Mylan Horseed (Goblin) R
Nephandus (Mage) R
Nosferatu Kingdom R
Palla Grande R
Parthenon, The U
Patterns in the Chaos R
Perfect Clarity R2
Power Structure R
Powerbase: Montreal R
Protected Resources R
Quickness R
Read the Winds U
Reality Mirror R
Regent R
Restructure R
Sabbat Inquisitor U
Shadow Court Satyr (Changeling) R
Shadow Step R
Sibyl's Tongue R2
Sire's Index Finger R
Slave Auction R
Soul Gem of Etrius R
Spirit Summoning Chamber U
Succubus R
Sunrise Service R
Telepathic Tracking U
Using the Advantage R
Visit from the Capuchin R
War Ghoul R
Weighted Walking Stick U