Lords*1 of the Night続報

White Wolfより。

Lords of the Night
Release Date: Summer/Fall, 2007

Welcome to the Outside.

They make their own fates, these lords of the night. They are free. Free to hunt, to scheme, to kill. They stand apart, outside the reach of vampire society.

Lords of the Night

Lords of the Night is White Wolf's thirteenth expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and is the second set to focus on the four main independent clans.

Each booster pack contains 11 cards randomly selected from a set of 150 all-new cards (no reprints) consisting of 50 rares, 50 uncommons, and 50 commons.

The set also features 4 non-random preconstructed decks, Assamite, Followers of Set, Giovanni, and Ravnos, which contain even more cards and are designed to get beginning players started right away. Each preconstructed deck contains new vampires and library cards that aren't found in the boosters.

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More to come. Check back soon.

  • Independent Clans用。WWでは13番目、その中で独立氏族用としては2つ目、のセットになるそうな。

そうかあ、独立氏族はFinal Nights以来なのかあ、昔ですねえ。ただ、KMWやLegacies of Bloodで割とサポートされてる印象でしたけど。

  • 150枚(Rare *50、Uncommon *50、Common *50。)。リプリントなし。
  • 構築済み4つ。Assamite、Followers of Set、Giovanni、Ravnos。