V:EKN Tournament Rules 2008 Season


Changes from the January 1, 2007 rules

  • 3.7.5 All non-winning finalists tie for 2nd place.
  • 4.1 Added three cards to the banned list: Edge Explosion, Memories of Mortality, and Protect Thine Own.
  • 161 Splitting prizes is prohibited.
  • Ratings Each tied-for-second finalist receives the same number of Ratings Points: 30. (The winner still receives 90).

Banned List: The following cards are banned in all V:EKN tournaments:

  • Dramatic Upheaval (V:TES)
  • Edge Explosion (NoR)
  • Kindred Restructure (V:TES)
  • Madness of the Bard (Dark Sovereigns)
  • Memories of Mortality (Ancient Hearts)
  • Protect Thine Own (Ancient Hearts)
  • The Return to Innocence (Ancient Hearts)
  • Succubus Club (V:TES)
  • Any cards that are usable only when playing for ante, including:
    • Cunctator Motion (V:TES)
    • High Stakes (V:TES)
    • Playing for Keeps (Dark Sovereigns)