Tremere & Tremere Antitribu


  • Crypt (Group 3-4) 計12枚

数x Card /Cap /Clan   (Rarity)

1x Ehrich Weiss /3 /Tremere (CE:V, BSC)
1x Keith Moody /3 /antitribu (Third:V)
1x Janine /4 /antitribu (Third:PTr)
1x Cohn Rose /5 /Tremere (CE:V/PTr, KMW:PB, BSC)
1x Frondator /5 /antitribu (Third:PTr)
1x Eugenio Estevez /6 /Tremere (CE:V, BSC)
1x Muhsin Samir /6 /Tremere (KMW:PAl)
1x Valois Sang, The Watcher /6 /Tremere (CE:V, BSC)
1x Carna, The Princess Witch/7 /Tremere (CE:V, BSC)
1x Paul Cordwood /8 /antitribu (Third:PTr2)
1x Uta Kovacs /8 /antitribu (Third:PTr2)
1x Lucas Halton /10 /Tremere (CE:V/PTr, KMW:PAl, BSC)

    • 他に迷ったのは

Lectora /3
Masika St. John /3
Alejandro Aguirre /5
Oliver Thrace /9
Lucubratio /10

    • Dominate(Discipline)が無い/InferiorのVampireが多い

と思ったら、↓でMasterカードのDominate (Discipline)カードを足しても良いかも知れません。

  • Library 計60枚

数x Card /Type /Require. (Rarity)

    • Master: 12

1x University Hunting Ground /Master /antitribu (Third:PTr )
1x Academic Hunting Ground /Master /Tremere (CE:U/PTr )
1x Rack, The /Master /none (CE:U, Third:U)
( Barrens, The /Master /none (CE:PV))
2x Information Highway /Master /none (CE:PTr/PV, Third:U )
( Strained Vitae Supply /Master /none (Third:PTr )
1x Direct Intervention /Master /none (Third:U )
( Archon Investigation /Master /none (CE:U, Third:U ))
( Sudden Reversal /Master /none (CE:U, KMW:PAl ))
( Wash /Master /none (Third:U ))
6x Blood Doll /Master /none (CE:PB/PM/PN2/PTo2/PTr2/PV, KMW:PB3/PG3/PAn2, Third:PB2/PM2/PTr2/PTz2)

    • Action: 8

1x Helicopter /Equipment /none (Third:U/PTr )
2x Leather Jacket /Equipment /none (CE:PTo/PTr, Third:C/PB2/PM2 )
4x Govern /Action /Dom (CE:C/PV4, KMW:PAl3, Third:PTr5)
1x Rutor's Hand /Action /Tha (CE:PTr, KMW:PB3, Third:PTr )

    • Action Mod.: 8

2x Conditioning /Act.Mod. /Dom (CE:C/PTr4 )
2x Seduction /Act.Mod. /Dom (CE:C/PV2 )
4x Mirror Walk /Act.Mod. /Tha (Third:C )

    • Reaction: 16

4x Telepathic Misdirection /Reaction /Aus (CE:C/PM4, Third:C/PM2 )
( My Enemy's Enemy /Reaction /Aus (Third:U )
2x Enhanced Senses /Reaction /Aus (CE:C/PM/PTo/PTr3, KMW:PAl3, Third:C/PTr3/PTz5 )
2x Precognition /Reaction /Aus (CE:PTo2/PTr, KMW:PAl3, Third:C/PM3)
4x Spirit's Touch /Reaction /Aus (CE:C/PTo4/PTr3 Third:PTr5/PTz2)
2x On the Qui Vive /Reaction /none (Third:C/PB2/PM2/PTr2 )
2x Wake with Evening's Freshness /Reaction /none (CE:PB4/PM4/PTo3/PV3, KMW:PAn3/PB5/PG2)

    • Combat: 16

6x Apportation /Combat /Tha (CE:C/PTr5, KMW:PB, Third:C/PTr5)
6x Theft of Vitae /Combat /Tha (CE:C/PTr5, KMW:PB6, Third:C/PTr6)
2x Walk of Flame /Combat /Tha (CE:C/PTr3, Third:C/PTr4)
2x Weather Control /Combat /Tha (CE:U, Third:PTr3 )