• Crypt (Group 2-3) 計12枚

数x Card /Title (Rarity)

1x Diana Vick /- (CE:V/PV, BSC)
1x Lana Butcher /- (CE:V, BSC)
1x Katarina Kornfeld /primogen (CE:V, BSC)
2x Victorine Lafourcade /Prince ( CE:V, BSC )
1x Wilhelm Waldburg /Prince ( CE:PV)
2x Lucinde, Alastor /Justicar (CE:V, BSC)
2x Marcus Vitel /Prince (CE:V, BSC )
1x Queen Anne /Prince (CE:PV)
1x Arika /Inner Circle (CE:PV

    • 2枚入れたカード

特に意味ありません。Rarityが(CE:V, BSC)のカードは2枚持っているかも、と言うだけです。無ければ、何でも良いです。Title持っているのを優先するか、もしくはCapacityが4以下、でしょうか。)

    • Obfuscate(Discipline)


  • Library 計60枚

数x Card /Type /Require. (Rarity)

    • Master 12

1x Uptown Hunting Ground /Master /Ventrue (CE:U/PV )
1x Ventrue Headquarters /Master /Ventrue (CE:U )
1x Ventrue Directorate Assembly /Master /Ventrue (CE:PV )
1x Information Highway /Master /none (CE:PTr/PV, Third:U)
2x Sudden Reversal /Master /none (CE:U, KMW:PAl)
( Wash /Master /none (Third:U )
( Direct Intervention /Master /none (Third:U )
( Archon Investigation /Master /none (CE:U, Third:U)
6x Minion Tap /Master /none (CE:C/PB/PV, KMW:PAl3 )

    • これ良いかも

  Recruitment /Master /none (Third:PTr)

    • Action 12

2x Consanguineous Boon /Political Act./none (CE:PTo3/PV2, Third:C/PB)
( Honor the Elders /Political Act. /none ( KMW:PAn2, Third:C )
4x Kine Resources Contested /Political Act. /none (CE:C/PTo2, Third:PB6 )
1x Ancilla Empowerment /Political Act. /none (CE:C/PTo2)
(Anarchist Uprising) /Political Act. /none (Third:C)
( Domain Challenge /Political Act. /none
1x Reins of Power /Political Act. /none (KMW:PAn, Third:PTr, KoT:C/PV )
( Ancient Influence /Political Act. /none (CE:C)
( Political Stranglehold /Political Act. /none (Third:U)
( Praxis Seizure: ? /Political Act. /none
( Banishment /Political Act. /none (CE:PTo/PV, KMW:PAn2)
2x Govern the Unaligned /Action /Dom (CE:C/PV4, KMW:PAl3, Third:PTr5 )
( Dominate Kine /Action /Dom (CE:R/PV, Third:PTr)
( Restoration /Action /Fot (CE:PV2, KMW:PAn2, Third:C)
2x Mind Numb /Action /Pre (CE:PV2)

    • Action Mod. 18

4x Bonding /Act.Mod. /Dom (CE:C/PV2, Third:PTr4 )
2x Seduction /Act.Mod. /Dom (CE:C/PV2)
( Kiss of Ra, The /Act.Mod. /For (CE:PV)
4x Freak Drive /Act.Mod. /For (CE:U/PV2, Third:U)
4x Voter Captivation /Act.Mod. /Pre (CE:U/PTo2/PV, Third:U/PB2)
( Bribes /Act.Mod. /none (CE:PTo2/PV2, KMW:PAn3/PAl, Third:PB3)
2x Awe /Act.Mod. /Pre (CE:PTo, Third:R)
2x Bewitching Oration /Act.Mod. /Pre (CE:C/PTo4/PV4, Third:PB5)

    • Reaction 8

4x Deflection /Reaction /Dom (CE:C/PTr3)
( Redirection /Reaction Dom (CE:PV3, Third:C/PTr4)
2x Second Tradition: Domain /Reaction /Prince or Justicar (CE:U/PTo/PV2, KMW:PAl3 )
2x On the Qui Vive /Reaction /none (Third:C/PB2/PM2/PTr2 )
( Wake with Evening's Freshness /Reaction /none (CE:PB4/PM4/PTo3/PV3, KMW:PAn3/PB5/PG2 )

    • Combat 10

2x Rolling with the Punches /Combat /For (CE:PV3, Third:C )
( Superior Mettle /Combat /For (KMW:PG3, Third:C )
2x Unflinching Persistence /Combat /For (CE:C )
( Resilience /Combat /For (CE:PV3, Third:U )
6x Majesty /Combat /Pre (CE:C/PV4 )
( Catatonic Fear /Combat /Pre (CE:PTo, Third:U )
( Staredown /Combat /Pre (Third:C )