LCG Restricted List

FFGのLiving Card Gameのトーナメント用ルールに新たな制限ができたそうです。

  • A Game of Thrones LCG / Restricted List(FAQ2.2版)

The following cards are restricted for LCG tournament melee and joust play. A player may select 1 card from the restricted list for any given deck, and cannot then play with any other restricted cards in the same deck. A player may run as many copies of his chosen restricted card in a deck as the regular game rules (or card text) allow.

    • Pyromancer's Cache (ACoA F13)
    • Fury of the Wolf (ACoA F25)
    • Fury of the Lion (ACoA F26)
    • Fury of the Stag (ACoA F27)
    • Fury of the Kraken (ACoA F28)
    • Fury of the Dragon (ACoA F29)
    • Fury of the Sun (ACoA F30)
    • Castellan of the Rock (ACoA F93)
    • Venomous Blade (KLE F115)
    • Fear of Winter (DotN F40)
    • Val (DotN F117)
    • Narrow Escape (KotS F48)