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Friday, May 13, 2011

VTES Players,

We wanted to take a moment to give you an update on the future of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. White Wolf will continue to host North American support for VTES for the rest of 2011 (although European event support will be provided by

However, starting May 20th, 2011, VTES will no longer be sold through standard distribution channels. Instead, you will be able to purchase displays at the White Wolf Store in North America and in Europe.

As part of this change in distribution, pricing for displays will be decreased on 5/20. Booster displays will be sold for $50USD/€50, and starter displayers will be sold for $35USD/€35. North American sales do not include sales tax, while European sales do include VAT.

Further, European customers can purchase a package of five booster displays for €225, and ten booster displays for €400. These packages can be a mix and match of displays.

If you have any questions, you can contact VTES Support at

つい先週、White Wolfの公式オンライン・ショップで在庫整理セールが行われたのですが、二日くらいで終わってしまったり、状況がよくわかりません。

その時のWalch & Nusserの発表、

  • Walch & Nusser

Dear customers of,
just like we promised we are keeping you well-informed concerning the future of VTES. The first piece of news we have is somewhat bittersweet: CCP are clearing the entire VTES stock in their warehouse.

Special Announcement: V:TES Bargain sale up to 70% off retail price

Due to tax reasons, CCP are forced to sell their entire remaining stock of VTES products between May 12th and October 15th 2011.

This means:
Come October 16th, VTES products will no longer be available from CCP.
In the US, this sale will be organized directly via CCP’s online shop. However, European customers will not be able to place any orders there.
Since we did not want VTES supporters from this side of the Atlantic to be left high and dry, we have decided to organize this last special sale for all European supporters.

This sale entails some important special offers and conditions:
The price for any single booster display is 50 €.
The price for any single starter display is 35 €.

Moreover, it is possible to buy bundles of booster displays:
The price for a bundle of 5 booster displays is 225 €.
The price for a bundle of 10 booster displays is 400 €.

Please note that you can create your own individual bundles from any sort of display still in stock at the time you place your order.

For our shop customers, we have reduced prices even further. They can order:

  • booster displays for 35 € each and
  • starter displays for 27 € each.