The Invasion of Tokyo(仮):Library (3)

9 Tokyo Chantry (x 2 ) Master
10 Kubiduka (x 2 ) Equipment
11 The Ruler of Tokyo (x 5 ) Action
12 Katana (x 5 ) Equipment

Tokyo Chantry

Cardtype: Master
Clan: Tremere
Cost: 1 pool
[b]Master: unique location. Tokyo.[/b]
During your untap phase, burn 1 blood from a Tremere you control or burn this location.
During your minion phase, you may tap this card to search your library for a minion card and move it to your hand (shuffle and discard afterward).


Cardtype: Equipment

Cost: 1 blood
[b]This equipment card represents a unique location and does not count as equipment while in play. Tokyo.[/b]
If the minion with this location has Necromancy [nec] or is a Kuei-Jin, he/she may inflict 2 damage on a minion as a +1 stealth (D) action.
If he/she has Thaumaturgy [tha] or is a Shen, he/she may burn a location as a +1 stealth (D) action.


Cardtype: Equipment
Cost: 1 pool
[b]Melee weapon.[/b]
Strike: strength +1 damage with first strike.

Domain: Tokyo

Cardtype: Action
Cost: 1 blood
[b]Requires a vampire with capacity above 4. Title.[/b]
Put this card on the acting vampire; This vampire is the Ruler of Tokyo
and this card represents the appropriate title.
Vampires of the same clan as this Ruler get +1 bleed and 1 additional vote.