The Invasion of Tokyo (仮): Library (4)

13 Kitsune Doshi (x 5 ) Ally
14 Zaibatsu Entrepreneur (x 5 ) Ally
15 Fist of Japan Rebel (x 5 ) Ally
16 Tanuki Trickster (x 5 ) Ally
17 Strike Force Zero Team (x 5 ) Ally
18 Dhampyr Agent (x 5 ) Ally

Kitsune Doshi (v.1.1)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 4 pool
[b]Werewolf with 3 life. 1 strength, 1 bleed. Shen.[/b]
Kitsune inflicts aggravated damage with melee weapons.
Kitsune may untap an ally and take control of him/her until the end of the turn as a (D) action.
+1 stealth.

Zaibatsu Entrepreneur (v.1.1)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 4 pool
[b]Mage with 2 life. 0 strength, 2 bleed. Shen.[/b]
The Entrepreneur may strike for 1R aggravated damage. He gets one optional maneuver each combat.
Equipment costs the Entrepreneur 1 less pool or blood.
He can steal a location as a +1 stealth (D ) action.

Fist of Japan Rebel (v.1.1)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 3 pool
[b]Wraith with 1 life. 0 strength, 1 bleed. Shen.[/b]
The Rebel is immune to non-aggravated damage.
He may steal an equipment as a +1 stealth (D) action.

Strike Force Zero Team (v.1.1)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 2 pool
[b]Mortal with 4 life. 2 strength, 0 bleed.[/b]
The Team has +1 intercept and can strike for 2R damage.
During your master phase, you may seach your library for a non-unique, non-location equipment and put it on the Team. Do not pay the cost to equip.
If any equipment leaves the Team, burn it.

Maigo Free Agent

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 2 blood
[b]Requires a Kuei-Jin. Dhampyr with 2 life. 2 strength, 1 bleed. Shen.[/b]
For each strike against her, you may burn the top card of your library;
if the card is a combat card, she may ignore the strike's effect.
She can untap a Kue-Jin as a +1 stealth action.
She can gain a life as a +1 stealth action.