A Game of Thrones: The Card Gameの"FAQ"が更新されました。


  • FAQ 3.3

7/30/2012 – LCG Version 3.3

New Card Errata: Killer of the Wounder (QoD F16), Threat from the East (QoD F55), Shield Islands Dromond (LotR F46), Castle Battlements (BtNS F23), Archmaester Marwyn (BtNS F55), Griff (BtNS F57), Free Man (ToC F18), Sorrowful Man (ToC F110), Restricted List (p. 5)
Updated Rules Content: 3.39 Cards enterting play between initiation and resolution of an effect, 4.20 Character Agendas, Framework Action Window (plot phase), Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tournament Rules