The Raven's Song (CP)

CP #4 以降、ぐっと重要度が下がります。

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Kraznys mo Nakloz

Type: Character
House: Targaryen
Cost: 3
STR: 3
Icon: Intrigue, Power

Ally. Mercenary.
Challenges: If it is Summer, choose an opponent's attachment in play. Pay that attachment's printed gold cost to take control of that attachment, and attach it to a card of your choice.

Set: TRS / Number: 65 / Quantity: 1

  • Errata

(v1.5) Kraznys Mo Naklos F65
Should be: "Limit once per attachment per

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Samwell Tarly

Type: Character
House: Neutral
Cost: 1
STR: 1

Night's Watch.
No attachments.
Response: After a Raven card is played, draw 2 cards.
"Why can't I just be Samwell Tarly?"

Set: TRS / Number: 66 / Quantity: 1

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Winterfell Rookery

Type: Location
House: Stark
Cost: 1
House Stark only.
Response: After an opponent wins a Military challenge against you, kneel and discard Winterfell Rookery from play (cannot be saved) and pay 1 gold to reveal a new plot card.

Set: TRS / Number: 70 / Quantity: 3

使いにくいですが、似たようなカードが7枚(各House + Neutral)入っているので紹介しておきます。

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