Refugees of War (CP)

Summer / Winter に無関係なカードが多いですが、(このCycle の中では)普通に使い易いカードが多い気がします。しかし無くても特に困らなそう。

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Refugee of the Citadel

Type: Character
House: Martell
Cost: 0
STR: 2
Icon: Intrigue, Power

Maester. Refugee.
If you do not win dominance, pay 1 gold or discard Refugee of the Citadel from play.
The world is wide... I do not need to go back to old Walgrave and the ravens.

Set: RoW / Number: 92 / Quantity: 3

似たようなカードが7種(各House + Neutral)入っています。

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Type: Character
House: Neutral
Cost: 0
STR: 1
Icon: Intrigue

Wildling. Refugee.
If it is Winter, discard Gilly from play. If it is Summer, Gilly gains +2 STR, a Power icon, and 'After you win a challenge in which Gilly participated, draw a card.'

Set: RoW / Number: 98 / Quantity: 1

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Cat o' the Canals

Type: Character
House: Stark
Cost: 2
STR: 1
Icon: Military,Intrigue, Power

No attachments except a single Weapon.
Immune to opponent's card effects.
If you control Arya Stark, discard Cat o' the Canals from play.

Set: RoW / Number: 84 / Quantity: 1


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