Beyond the Wall (CP #2)

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The Free Folk

Type: Agenda
House: Neutral

The North.
You may run any number of The North agendas. You need 2 additional power to win the game.
Wildling characters you control gain stealth.

Set: BtW / Number: 39 / Quantity: 1

  • Errata

(v2.0) The Free Folk F39
The Last Giants F79
Blood of the First Men F119
Should read:
"... You may run any number
of The North agendas that have the word
Wildling in their text."

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Type: Character
House: Neutral
Cost: 2
STR: 2 Icon:

Night's Watch.
Stealth. No attachments.
Stonesnake can declare stealth on characters with stealth.
Stonesnake moved as fast as his namesake, leaping down on the wildlings in a rain of pebbles.

Set: BtW / Number: 33 / Quantity: 1

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