A King in the North (CP #5)

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The Stewards

Type: Agenda
House: Neutral

The North.
You may run any number of The North agendas.
You need 2 additional power to win the game.
Night's Watch characters you control gain an Intrigue Icon.

Set: AKitN / Number: 99 / Quantity:

  • Erratta

(v2.0) The Rangers F19
The Builders F59
The Stewards F99
Should read:
"... You may run any number of The North agendas
that have the words Night's Watch in their text."

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Type: Character
House: Stark
Cost: 2
STR: 2 Icon: Military,Intrigue

Challenges: Stand Osha to remove her from the current challenge.
"Off the horse, and throw down the sword. We'll thank you kindly for the mount and for the venison, and you and your brother can be on your way."
Set: AKitN Number: 81 Quantity: 1

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Defenders of the North

Type: Character
House: Neutral
Cost: 7
STR: 8 Icon:

Night's Watch. Army.
No attachments except Weapon. Deadly. Reduce the cost to play Defenders of the North by 1 for each The North agenda you are running.
Crest: War
Set: AKitN Number: 93 Quantity: 3

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