2013 The North American Championships

「Gen Con Indy 2013」 において、「2013 /A Game of Thrones: The Card Game /The North American Championships」 が行われたそうです。


House(s) に関しては以下の通りだったそうです。

Melee Final table


  • House Lannister
  • House Martell
  • House Stark
  • House Stark

Joust Top 8

  • 5x Martell
  • 2x Greyjoy
  • 1x Targaryen

Steven Simoni と言う人が、「Overall and Melee Champion(総合優勝 及び Melee優勝)」 となったそうです。


Steve Simoni's 2013 North American Melee Champion Deck

  • House: Stark
  • Agenda: Siege of Winterfell
  • Restricted Card: Northern Cavalry Flank
  • Plots (7): Building Season, Counting Favors, Forgotten Plans, Fortified Position, The Power of Blood, Summoning Season, Take Them By Surprise
  • Characters (34): Bolton Refugee (x3), Carrion Bird (x3), Direwolf Pup (x3), Fanatical Follower (x2), Free Man (x3), Hodor (x2), Hungry Mob (x3), Northern Cavalry Flank (x3), Reek (x2), Ser Jaime Lannister (Lions of the Rock 5) (x3), Shaggydog, Syrio Forel (x3), Vale Refugee (x3).
  • Locations (12): Flea Bottom (x3), Narrow Sea (x3), Ocean Road, Shadowblack Lane, Street of Silk, Street of Sisters, Street of Steel, Twilight Market.
  • Attachments (0): None.
  • Events (15): Battle of the Bay (x3), Battle of the Ruby Ford (x3), Battle for the Shield Islands (x3), The Battle of the Whispering Wood (x3), War of the Five Kings (x3).