Owner とController

Owner (オーナー/所有者)とController (コントローラー)について。

Owner (オーナー/所有者)とは、ゲームの開始時点で、そのカードを持っていた(がデッキ等に入っていた)プレイヤーのことです。そのままですね。

Owner (オーナー/所有者)

オーナーが異なるカードが、捨札の山や手札やデッキ、に入ることが無いのは一般的だと思いますが、shadows area にも入ることがありません。


(3.31) Changing Control and Leaving Play

A card a player owns is a card he or she brought to the game in his or her deck.
A player may lose control over a card, but he or she is still considered the card's owner.
When a card leaves play for any reason, it always returns to its owner's discard pile, dead pile, hand, deck, or shadows area (depending on the specific circumstances).

"House X only"


紛らわしいことに、Attachment で"House X character only" と言うのがありますが、意味が全く違います。


前にも書きましたが、Cost は自分のコントロールするものでしか支払えません。

Triggered Ability(トリガード・アビリティー/起動型能力)

コントローラーしかTrigger (トリガー/起動)することはできません。


VtES とは違い、Attachment もプレイしたプレイヤーがコントローラーとなります。


(3.27) Taking Control of a Card With Attachments

Any time control of a card switches via a card effect during a game, the new controlling player gains control of said card and all
Unless specified in game text, the new controlling player does not gain control of any attachments on said character.




(3.29) Unique Cards and Changing Control

You may not play, put into play, or take control of a unique card already in play that you own or control (except for putting a duplicate on a card that you own and control), or that is in your dead pile.
Thus you cannot take control of a unique character that you already have in play. You cannot play a unique card if your opponent has taken control of another copy of that unique card that you own.
Duplicates can only be played or put into play on cards you own and control.