Bannerman/Banner 関連のカードは、A Clash of Arms (Cycle) 中に合計15枚あるようです。(実質的には14枚。)

  • Character(s): 7枚(実質的には6枚。)
  • Location(s): 1枚
  • Attachment(s): 1枚
  • Event(s): 6枚

Bannerman (Trait)

そもそも、フレーバー的にはよくわからないTrait です。

「banner(バナー) = 旗 」
「bannerman バナーマン= 旗手」(日本の「旗本」の訳に使用したりもするようですが。)
「bannerman バナーマン= 旗主」(酒井昭伸氏訳)

A Bannerman is a vassal that owes military service to his lord under the feudalism of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

しかし、AGoT-LCG では、Bannerman (Trait) を持つ/持たないの線引きが全くわかりません。
単にゲーム上のギミック/バランス用のTrait と割り切るしかないと思います。
しかし少なくとも、カードの名称にBannerman (Bannermen) と付いているカードには、Bannerman (Trait) を付けて欲しかった...

Character(s): 7枚

先ず、Baratheon、Greyjoy、Martell、Stark、Targaryen、に各1枚、計5枚のBannerman (Trait) を持つCharacter(s) があります。何故かLannister には居ません。

Banner for the Storm

Type: Character / House: Baratheon
Cost: 3
STR: 3 / Icon: Power
Response: After you win a Power challenge, you may attach Banner for the Storm (from play or from your hand) to a House Baratheon character as a Banner attachment with the text:
'Attached character gains vigilant.'

Set: CtB

Bannerman (Trait) を持つCharacter は5枚全て、同様にBanner attachment になる能力を持っています。


Ascetic Follower

Type: Character / House: Targaryen
Cost: 1
STR: 1 / Icon: Intrigue
Dominance: Kneel Ascetic Follower to choose a Banner attachment. Unattach it, and put it into play under your control if it is a character. Otherwise, discard it.

Set: CtB

Zealous Collector

Type: Character / House: Baratheon
Cost: 1
STR: 1 / Icon: Intrigue, Power
Dominance: Kneel Zealous Collector to choose and discard from play up to 2 non-Banner attachments. Use this ability only if you control at least 3 Kingdom locations.

Set: CtB

Bannerman/Banner 関連のカードとは言えませんね。

Location(s): 1枚

Mustering Yard

Type: Location / House: Baratheon
Cost: 3
King's Landing.
Any phase: Kneel Mustering Yard and kneel 2 influence to choose an Army or Bannerman card in your discard pile. Return that card to your hand.
Set: BoRF

Attachment(s): 1枚

Banner Attachment は1枚もありません。

Campfire Lights

Type: Attachment / House: Stark
Cost: 2
Attach to an opponent's location. Kneel that location. Response: After you win a Military challenge, kneel Campfire Lights to search your deck for a Bannerman character, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.

Set: CtB

Event(s): 6枚

Compelled by the Crown

Type: Event / House: Baratheon
House Baratheon only.
Challenges: Choose one participating character on each side during an Intrigue or a Power challenge. Remove all other characters from the challenge. Then, stand all House Baratheon characters with Banner attachments attached.

Set: CtB

同様のカードが計5枚あります(やはりLannister 以外のHouse(s) に各1枚)。
プラス、Neutral が1枚。

For Family and Honor

Type: Event / House: Neutral
Challenges: Until the end of the phase, characters you control with at least 1 Banner attachment gain renown and do not kneel to attack or defend.

Set: CtB