このBannerman/Banner のギミックは、その後ほぼ忘れ去られます。

今、CARDGAMEDB で検索してみたところ、A Clash of Arms (Cycle) とKingsroad (Cycle) 以外での、Bannerman (Trait) を持つカードは2枚のみ、のようです。

Starfall Bannerman

Type: Character / House: Martell
Cost: 2
STR: 1 / Icon: Military, Intrigue
Bannerman. House Dayne.
If it is not Winter, House Dayne characters get +1 STR.

A quest that took us to Starfall, the Arbor, Oldtown, the Shield Islands, Crakehall, and finally Casterly Rock...
Set: ASoS

(Unique) Dagos Manwoody

Type: Character / House: Martell
Cost: 3
STR: 1 / Icon: Military, Intrigue, Power
Lord. Bannerman.
Vengeful. Melee.
Crest: Noble

"The crowned skull of House Manwoody, bone and gold on black." - Podrick Payne
Set: TBC

上の2枚以外に、"Banner" で検索に引っかかるカードが3枚あったのですが...

Dragonstone Bannerman

Type: Character / House: Baratheon
Cost: 3
STR: 3 / Icon: Military, Power
Lord. Ally.
Response: After you win dominance, Dragonstone Bannerman claims 1 power.
Crest: War

He had not forgotten the courtesies he had learned on Dragonstone during his years of service.
Set: VD

Bannerman ではありません。

The Viper's Bannermen

Type: Character / House: Martell
Cost: 7
STR: 7 / Icon: Military, Power
Stealth. Deadly. No attachments.
Response: After The Viper's Bannermen comes into play or leaves play, reveal the top 2 cards of your deck, then put them into your hand.

Set: PotS

Bannerman ではありません。

Banner Bearer

Type: Attachment / House: Baratheon
Cost: 1
Challenges: Kneel Banner Bearer to choose a Knight or Lord character you control. Attached character gains all keywords the chosen character has until the end of the phase.

Set: THoBaW

Banner ではありません。