Epic Battle

Epic Battle (Event) が計7枚入っています。
各House(s) に1枚、プラスNeutral 1枚、です。

それ以外に、Epic Battle がテキストに入っているカードが10枚あります。

The Battle at the Wall

Type: Event / House: Baratheon
Epic Battle.
House Baratheon only.
Plot: After the dominance phase this round, there is an epic phase during which each player may initiate a single Power challenge with normal claim. The winner of each challenge may draw three cards. (Place this card next to your plot deck until the end of this epic phase.)

Set: EB

(Unique) Claw Isle

Type: Location / House: Baratheon
Cost: 2
Westeros. House Celtigar.
House Baratheon only. No attachments.
Response: After you win a challenge, kneel Claw Isle to move 1 power from the losing opponent's House card to yours. If you trigger this response during the epic phase, draw a card.

Set: EB