Conquest and Defiance (Cycle)

(v5.3) Daenerys Targaryen F76

Should have the text:
"House Targaryen only."

Out-of-House では使用できなくなりました。

(v5.3) Harrenhal F78

Harrenhal cannot be triggered if it has 3 or more gold tokens on it.

Moribund と言うルール*1の為、場合によってはResponse を4回以上使用できたのが、不可になりました。

(v5.3) The Brave Companions F79

The Marshalling effect should read:
" return an attached facedown card to your hand."


(Unique) The Brave Companions

Type: Attachment / House: Neutral

Game Text:

Prized 1.
Attach to the Neutral Faction House card.
Response: After a neutral character you own leaves play, kneel attached House card to attach that character facedown to The Brave Companions instead.
Marshalling: Kneel attached House card to return an attached facedown character to your hand.

Number: 79 / Set: Ancestral Home
Quantity: 3 / Illustrator: Sidharth Chaturvedi

A Tale of Champions (Cycle)

(v5.3) Asha Greyjoy F70

Should have the text:
"House Greyjoy only."

Out-of-House では使用できなくなりました。

*1:FAQ v5.3 =p19 参照。