FAQ Ver. 5.4、カード・テキストのエラッタ

Unburnt (QoD F1)

(v5.4) Unburnt (Queen of Dragons /F1)

Should read:
"Response: Discard Unburnt from play to save attached character from being killed. Then return that character to its owner's hand."


Type: Attachment /House: Targaryen
Game Text:
Response: Save attached character from being killed, then return it to its owner's hand.

Number: 1 /Set: QoD
Quantity: 3 /Illustrator: Thomas Gianni

Aloof and Apart (Secrets and Schemes, 18) との組み合わせに想定外の効果があったので、その対策だそうです。

Aloof and Apart

Type: Agenda /House: Neutral
Game Text:

Reduce the cost of the first character with printed cost 4 or higher you play each round by 2.
Characters you control with printed cost 4 or higher gain prized 1 while leaving play, and cannot be returned to your hand by your card effects or to pay costs.

Number: 18 /Set: Secrets and Schemes

Crossing the Mummer's Ford (C&D F20)

(v5.4) Crossing the Mummer's Ford (Conquest and Defiance /F20)

Should have the text:
"This effect cannot be triggered by other card effects."

Crossing the Mummer's Ford

Type: Plot /House: Neutral
Income:3 /Initiative: 1 /Claim: 1
Game Text:
When revealed, reveal the top X cards of your deck and add them to your hand. X is the number of River plot cards in your used pile.

Number: 20 /Set: SoW
Quantity: 3 /Illustrator: Juan Carlos Barquet

他のRiver Plot を見てみましょう。例えば......

Above the Sorrows

Type: Plot /House: Neutral
Income:2 /Initiative: 5 /Claim: 2
Game Text:
When revealed, discard the top card of each opponent's deck. Then, if this is your revealed plot card, trigger the "when revealed" effect of the top River plot card in your used pile.

Number: 18 /Set: VM
Quantity: 3 /Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak

Harrenhal (C&D F78)

(v5.4) Harrenhal (Conquest and Defiance /F78)
Should have the text:
"...kill a character you own and control to..."

(Unique) Harrenhal

Type: Location /House: Neutral
Game Text:
Stronghold. Riverlands.
Prized 2.
If Harrenhal has 3 or more gold tokens on it, discard it from play (cannot be saved).
Response: Kill a character you control to cancel a triggered effect. Then, place 1 gold token on Harrenhal.

(FAQ v5.3:) Harrenhal cannot be triggered if it has 3 or more gold tokens on it.

Number: 78 Set: Ancestral Home
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Lino Drieghe