Rules for the Imbued

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Appendix: Imbued Rules

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Note that an imbued gains a life (not to exceed his starting life) if he leaves the incapacitated region by any other effect, as well.

Imbued はincapacitated region からready region に移動する際、Life 1点を得る。

Imbued (Hunter) FAQ, version 2.0.3

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Q) What happens if an Imbued recives a life while incapacitated (through Rejuvinate) do they leave the incapacitated region?

A) No. Gaining a life does not cause you to leave the incapacitated region. You either need to burn Conviction cards the normal way, or have card text that brings you back to the ready region (such as Bond).

ちなみに、Imbued がincapacitated region でLife を得ても、自動的にready region には移動する訳ではない。

Q) Can Unity be used to bring Conviction cards from the ash to your library?

A) Yes.

[LSJ] Unity に投稿された質問および回答。!msg/

Conviction カードをUnity でLibrary に戻すことは可能。