VtES のルールで検討されている変更

V:EKN がVampire: the Eternal Struggle の細かいルールの修正をまた行う予定だそうです。

Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Newsletter November 2017



Proposed change #1: Timing during the influence phase

Suggested new rulebook text:
IV. Influence phase
At the start of her influence phase, the player gets 4 transfers, except on the first turn of the game where the first player gets 1 transfer, the second player gets 2 transfers, and the third player gets 3 transfers.
Like master phase actions, transfers can be spent for different effects, and transfers that don't have been spent are lost when proceeding to the next phase.
These effects are:
· Spend 1 transfer: move one blood counter from her pool to a vampire in her uncontrolled region
· Spend 2 transfers: move one blood counter from a vampire in her uncontrolled region to her pool
· Spend 4 transfers and pay 1 pool: draw a crypt card.
· Spend 4 transfers and pay 1 pool: merge a base and an advanced version of a vampire.

Some cards allow to spend transfers to produce other effects. Some cards also grant additional transfers.
At any time during this phase, if a vampire has at least as many blood counters as his capacity, the player can move to the ready region that vampire. The blood counters on the vampire stay on him and become his blood. Blood counters in excess to his capacity are burned (see sec. H.1. Crypt cards). If the vampire grants additional transfer, those can’t be used on this turn as transfers are gained at the start of the influence phase.

tl;dr: Vampires now do not come out all at once at the end of your influence phase. Instead, you order bringing them into play as you wish during your influence phase (and it's not mandatory to bring them out if they're at full capacity), resolving effects for them as they come into play. You can´t contest yourself anymore by "accidentally" moving a vampire you already control into play (hopefully Jimmy Dunn is still unaffected). You still only gain transfers at the start of your influence phase, so you don't get 2 extra transfers the turn you bring Ingrid Rossler into play.
Why are we changing this? The strategic value of the current system is very low, and has always been a source of mistakes (a player brings out a vampire, then influence some more), breaking moves ("accidental" self-contest), and difficult rollbacks (a vampire with enough blood should have come out the turn before).
Changing the rule puts the influence phase on the same level as other phases where effects can be ordered as you want, removing an extra step to learn.
It has some incidence on a few cards (such as Anarch Convert or Angela Preston), and allows people to Govern down many times on the same vampire, but playtest done so far has not shown any abuse.
Self-contesting vampires would now be prohibited to follow the same rules as library cards (it never made sense to have two different rules).

Influence Phase の最後に、Ready Region へ一斉に出てくるのでは無く、プレイヤーの任意の順番に出てくるようになる。
また、Blood がCapacity 以上になっても出さなくても良い。(任意になるという事は、Self-Contest は出来なくなる。)

Proposed change #2: Anarch as a sect

The anarch trait has always been tightly associated to the Independent sect: a vampire that would change sect would lose its anarch status. With the announcement of Anarch being a sect in the upcoming fifth edition of the Vampire the Masquerade roleplaying game (“V5”), we consider changing the anarch trait to a new sect. Cards that were previously requiring an Independent vampire would then require either an Independent or an Anarch vampire (e.g., Reckless Agitation). Most cards with a "go anarch" effect will be de facto cleaner since changing sect would automatically remove the vampire from the Anarch sect.

Anarch がSect になる。 
つまり、Independent ではなくなる。

Proposed change #3: Caitiff as a clan

The rule stating that Caitiff are clanless, while true to the canon, has had negligible impact on games of V:tES. For the sake of consistency, we are considering removing that special case and treating Caitiff as a clan. This would also allow us to create clan-specific cards for Caitiff - it is currently not possible as a Caitiff cannot meet the clan requirement of a card if they have no clan.

Caitiff が Clan になる。

Proposed change #4: Recruit region

Recruited allies will now go to a new region that is part of the ready region, called the recruit region. The behavior will stay the same (allies in the recruit region can't act or block), but will avoid having an ally "placed in your uncontrolled region, even though it is controlled, to indicate that it cannot act this turn".

Ally をRecruit した時は、Recruit Region と言う新しい領域に置く。
(Recruit Region はReady Region の一部である。)