Hunter: the Reckoning 改訂版???

Hunter: the Reckoning 20周年版は出る(可能性はある)のか?

World of Darkness の Twitter の発言が結構重要なことを言っている気がします。


White Wolf 公式サイトの方でも見当たりません。

Onyx Path でも。


We choose products based on customer interest/how well it works with our plans. Not every game will get a 20th anniv edition. We're sorry if your favorite game is not chosen. There are currently no plans for Hunter20. If interest increases we may revisit the decision.

Well, bad summary in previous email, what we should add and what is key for White Wolf now is to get the new 5th edition products out, Vampire coming this year. So if no V20 Hunter you can absolutely look forward to a 5th edition one in the future.

Please note, while not every game will get a 20th anniversary edition, Hunter will be getting new edition to match Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (V5).


Hunter 20周年版


Vampire: The Masquerade 5版対応のHunter


ところで、これまさか Hunters Hunted の話じゃないですよね?