Voter Captivation

VtES-Voter Captivation

選挙の際にVoter Captivationでoustを免れる、のは無理のようです。

Voter Captivation:

  • Is played *after* the referendum is resolved. If the effect of the referendum ousts the acting Methuselah, there is no time to play Voter Captivation to prevent the ousting. [RTR 19951110]

Voter Captivation
Cardtype: Action Modifier

Discipline: Presence

Only usable after resolving a successful referendum .
[pre] The acting vampire gains X blood from the blood bank, where X is the number of votes by which the referendum passed.
[PRE] As above, but move up to 2 of those blood counters to your pool instead of this vampire.

Domain Challenge
Cardtype: Political Action

Successful referendum means each Methuselah burns 1 pool for each tapped minion he or she controls.