The Invasion of Tokyo(その4): Library

  • Tokyo Library カード
1-2 Domain: Tokyo (x 10 )
3 Powerbase: Tokyo (x 5 )
4 Tokyo Chantry (x 5 )
5 Kubiduka (x 5 )
6 Katana (x 5 )
7 Kitsune Doshi (x 5 )
8 Zaibatsu Director (x 5 )
9 Fist of Japan Rebel (x 5 )
10 Tanuki Trickster (x 5 )
11 Strike Force Zero Team (x 5 )
12 Dhampyr Agent (x 5 )

Domain: Tokyo (v.2.1)

Cardtype: Action
Cost: 1 blood

[b]+1 stealth action. Requires a vampire with capacity above 4. Title.[/b]
Put this card on the acting vampire; This vampire is the Ruler of Tokyo and this card represents the appropriate title.
If this vampire changes sects, he/she stays the Ruler of Tokyo.

Powerbase: Tokyo (v.3.0)

Cardtype: Master
Cost: 1 pool

[b]Master: unique location.
Requires a ready Kuei-Jin.[/b]
During your untap phase, you may move 1 pool from your prey's pool to this card. You may tap this card to use the counters on it to pay some or all of the pool cost of an ally, an equipment, or a retainer.
Any vampire can steal this location as a (D) action.

Tokyo Chantry (v.1.2)

Cardtype: Master
Clan: Tremere
Cost: 2 pool

[b]Master: unique location.[/b]
Tap this card to search your library for any minion card and put it on this Chantry face down (shuffle afterward). You may look at the card at any time.
Any Tremere you control may move a card on this Chantry to your hand as a +1 stealth action (discard afterward).

Kubiduka (v.1.2)

Cardtype: Equipment
Cost: 1 blood

[b]This equipment card represents a unique location and does not count as equipment while in play.[/b]
If the minion with this location has Necromancy [nec] or is a Kuei-Jin, he/she may inflict 2 damage on a minion as a +1 stealth (D) action. If he/she has Thaumaturgy [tha] or is a Shen, he/she may burn a location as a +1 stealth (D) action.

Katana (v.1.1)

Cardtype: Equipment
Cost: 1 pool

[b]Melee weapon.[/b]
Strike: strength +1 damage with first strike.

Kitsune Doshi (v.1.3)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 4 pool

[b]Werewolf with 3 life. 1 strength, 1 bleed. Shen.[/b]
Kitsune may dodge as a strike once each combat. She inflicts aggravated damage with melee weapons.
Kitsune may untap an ally and take control of him/her until the end of the turn as a +1 stealth (D) action.

Zaibatsu Director (v.1.3)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 4 pool

[b]Mage with 2 life.
0 strength, 2 bleed. Shen.[/b]
The director gets one optional maneuver each combat.
He can make a ranged strike for
X+1 aggravated damage if he has
an equipment. (X is equal to
the cost of the equipment.)
He can steal a location as
a +1 stealth (D) action.

Fist of Japan Rebel (v.1.2)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 3 pool

[b]Requires a Kuei-Jin or Shen.
Wraith with 1 life.
0 strength, 1 bleed. Shen.[/b]
The Rebel is immune to
non-aggravated damage.
She may steal an equipment as
a +1 stealth (D) action.

Tanuki Trickster (v.1.2)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 2 pool

[b]Changeling with 3 life. 2 strength, 1 bleed. Shen.[/b]
Tanuki may prevent 1 damage each combat.
He may tap a ready minion as a +1 stealth (D) action.

Strike Force Zero Team (v.1.4)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 3 pool

[b]Mortal with 4 life.
1 strength, 0 bleed.[/b]
The Team has +1 intercept when blocking monsters and
can strike for 1R damage.
They get an additional strike
each round and may prevent
1 damage each combat.
During your untap phase, a ready monster you control takes 2 damage.

Dhampyr Agent (v.2.0)

Cardtype: Ally
Cost: 2 blood

[b]Requires a Kuei-Jin. Ghoul with
2 life. 2 strength, 1 bleed. Shen.[/b]
Each damaging strike against the Agent inflicts 1 less damage.
She can play combat cards requiring a Discipline as a vampire who has the basic level of that Discipline.
She can gain 1 life as a +1 stealth action.