Core Set


定価: $40

  • カード: 220枚

デッキ4つxカード52枚 = 208枚 (188種)
House カード: 6枚
Title カード (マルチプレイヤー・レファレンス用): 6枚

  • ルールブック
  • ボード
  • Title マーカー (プラスチックの駒): 6個
  • Power カウンター (紙トークン): 60個
  • Gold Coin(s) (紙トークン): 44個

写真はエキスパンションのカードも使用していますが、コンポーネントはCore Set のものです。

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FAQ V3.4 (2012/10/9)

Card Clarifications and Errata

A Game of Thrones Core Set

(v2.4) Grand Maester Pycelle L45
Grand Maester Pycelle cannot trigger his
effect in response to the effect of another copy
of Grand Maester Pycelle.

(v1.0) Lannisport Brothel L56
Lannisport Brothel should be unique.

(v1.1) Robert Baratheon B71
Robert Baratheon appears twice in the Core
Set by design. The second copy of Robert
Baratheon should be numbered "B90."

(v2.0) Dragonstone Port B91
The Plot phase effect should read: "...Limit
once per phase."

(v3.3.1) Jhogo T117
Its traits should read: "Dothraki. Queensguard."

(v1.3) Magister Illyrio T152
Magister Illyrio's effect expires at the end of
the phase.

(v2.0) Core Set Rulebook Page 19
The second paragraph in the second column
should read: "Duplicates have no text, titles,
traits, or crests."

Multiplayer Titles

(v1.0) Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
The redirect ability on Lord Commander of the
Kingsguard occurs during step 2 (save/cancel)
of the resolution of the Framework Action
Window in which stealth targets are chosen
and defenders are (not) declared. It cancels
the initiation of this Window, and re-opens
the Player Action Window between declaring
attackers (now against the new target) and
assigning stealth.

Restricted & Banned List

Joust Restricted List

Core Set

Melee Restricted List

Core Set

Banned List

Core Set

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