Card Ability


Card Ability とは


(3.7) Card Abilities

"Card abilities" (i.e. "Character ability," "Location ability," or "Attachment ability") refers to anything in a card's text box, except for traits, keywords, and flavor text.
"Card abilities" also refers to any abilities (again, keywords and traits are excluded) gained by card effects.


(3.8) Gaining Abilities

If any card effect has the text "character gains...," any ability (traits, keywords, icon modifiers, or STR modifiers are not considered abilities)following the word "gains" is considered to now be a character ability.
However, that effect is not assumed to be a part of that character's text box. Any effect that blanks a card's text box is assumed to blank that card's printed text box.

Card Ability の分類

  • Triggered Ability
    • Response
      • Save/Cancel Response
  • Passive Ability
  • Constant Ability


(3.11) Card Ability Types

Card abilities are divided into three types.
These types are:
Triggered Abilities: Any ability on a card in play that begins with "Phase:" or "Response:" is a triggered ability. These abilities are optional, and must be triggered by the player controlling the card at the appropriate time
for their effect(s) to occur. An example of a triggered ability is the Dominance: effect on Cersei Lannister (CORE L39).
Passive Abilities: Passive abilities must initiate when applicable. These abilities are identified by their card text, which indicates when the ability initiates. Passive abilities are not affected by cards that prevent or cancel
triggered effects or abilities. An example of a passive ability is the ability of Knight of Flowers (CORE B147).
Constant Abilities: Constant abilities are those that are continuously affecting the game state. Because there is no point of initiation,
they cannot be canceled. Examples of constant abilities include the ability of Winter Castle (CORE S25).
Flavor Text is not considered a card ability, is not considered a part of a card's text box, and has no interaction with any game text.