Lightbringer (Attachment)

例えば、Baratheon プレイヤーが、自分のBastard of Robert にLightbringer を付けて(Attach)いるとします。
Targaryen プレイヤーが、Bastard of Robert のコントロール権をSeductive Promise で奪ったとします。
Lightbringer は、Bastard of Robert に付いたままですが、Baratheon プレイヤーのコントロール下にあります。
Targaryen プレイヤーは、Lightbringer のResponse を使用することはできません。

(Unique) Lightbringer

Type: Attachment / House: Baratheon
Cost: 2
Item. Weapon.
Vigilant. House Baratheon character only.
Response: Kneel Lightbringer to save attached character from being killed.

Set: Core

Seductive Promise

Type: Event / House: Neutral
Response: After you win a Power challenge by 4 or more total STR, choose a non-unique character controlled by the losing opponent. Take control of that character. Limit 1 per phase.

Set: Core

Bastard of Robert

Type: Character / House: Baratheon
Cost: 1
STR: 1 / Icon: Power
Stealth. No attachments.

What had John Arryn wanted with a king's bastard, and why was it worth his life?

Set: Core