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Frequently asked questions (p. 29)


Q) When do the effects of a Castle plot with "After this plot is placed in your used pile..." text resolve?

A) Such effects resolve passively after the completion of all 4 steps of the framework action window in which plots are revealed are completed. This means that all "when revealed" abilities resolve before any "After this plot is placed in your used pile" effects can resolve.

今Cycle の新ギミック、Castle (Trait) Plot に関する質問。
全ての新しいPlot カードの"when revealed(公開された時)" 効果が発生した後で、前のCastle (Trait) Plot カードの"After this plot is placed in your used pile...(このPlot がused pile(使用済みの山)に置かれた後...)" の効果が発生する、そうです。

Q) When multiple cards leave play simultaneously, who decides the order in which they are placed in the specified out of play area (such as the dead pile, deck, and discard pile)?

A) Unless otherwise directed by the effect driving the cards from play, the owner of the cards may add them to the appropriate out of play area in the order of his or her choosing.

複数のカードが同時に場から離れる場合、(件の効果で指定されない限り) カードの所有者(オーナー)が順番を決めることができる。
(AGoT-LCG では、捨て札の山などの順番を通常は変更できない為。)