VtES の現状


「VtES の現状」
VEKN の発表。

Furthermore, the V:EKN Design Team, at the request of Onebookshelf back in November 2014, developed a concept for a boxed set of Sabbat-themed starter decks intended as the launch product for a Kickstarter if the licenses were obtained. That Product was almost entirely reprints, but with about a dozen new crypt cards and one new library card.

A graphic designer was contracted and created a mock-up of the box design.

Consequently, the starter decks and the new cards, which were part of the project proposal to Wizards and CCP, were tested from December 2014 to January 2015. So had the licenses been acquired, the Kickstarter would have been launched the very next day.

The V:EKN Design Team is to release those cards designed as part of a Sabbat-themed PDF mini-set in 2016.

最初は、この“a boxed set of Sabbat-themed starter decks” のボックスのデザイン案の画像が上がっていたのですが、現在は無くなっていますね。