Additional Strike(s)

私は、ダウンロードだけして読むのをすっかり忘れていたのですが、ふと思い立って、Additional Strikes (追加 ストライク/攻撃) のことを調べてみました。

Additional Strikes:

Some cards and effects allow a minion to
make additional strikes during the current round of combat.
Additional strikes are announced (gained) and performed
(used) only after the first pair of strikes are completed. The
acting minion decides whether or not to gain additional
strikes before the opposing minion, as usual. Additional
strikes are handled by having another choose strike phase
and resolve strike phase in which only the minions with
additional strikes may play strike cards. All additional strikes
take place at the same range. This is repeated as necessary.
A minion cannot use more than one card or effect to gain
additional strikes per round of combat

通常の(1回目の) Strike (ストライク/攻撃) の処理が終わってからでないと、Additional Strike は使用できないようです。