Greyjoy デッキ



  • 旧版 Kings of the Sea (Deluxe Expansion)
  • 旧版 A Time for Ravens (Cycle)
    • 1) A Song of Summer (CP)
    • 2) The Winds of Winter (CP)
    • 3) A Change of Seasons (CP)
    • 4) The Raven's Song (CP)
    • 5) Refugees of War (CP)
    • 6) Scattered Armies (CP)

やはり、旧版 Kings of the Sea 1つがベースだと、厳しいですね。

House (1)
House Greyjoy (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
Kings of Winter (TWoW) x1

Character (35)
Aeron Damphair (KotS) x1
Asha Greyjoy (KotS) x1
Balon Greyjoy (KotS) x1
Dagmer Cleftjaw (KotS) x1
Drowned Disciple (KotS) x1
Euron Crow's Eye (KotS) x1
Godswood Attendant (KotS) x1
Jack of all Trades (KotS) x1
Maester Wendamyr (KotS) x1
Priest of the Drowned God (KotS) x1
Randyl Tarly (KotS) x1
Scurvy Cutthroat (KotS) x1
Sea Raiders (KotS) x1
Shadowcat (KotS) x1
Silent Sisters (KotS) x1
Stowaway (KotS) x1
Theon Greyjoy (KotS) x1
Wex Pyke (KotS) x1
Victarion Greyjoy (KotS) x1
Alannys Greyjoy (RoW) x1
Carrion Bird (TWoW) x3
Desperate Looters (SA) x1
Ice Fisherman (TWoW) x3
Island Refugee (RoW) x3
Theon Greyjoy (ACoS) x1
Wintertime Marauders (ACoS) x3
Vale Refugee (RoW) x1

Location (11)
Gatehouse (KotS) x1
Iron Island Fiefdoms (KotS) x1
Bloody Keep (KotS) x1
Sunset Sea (KotS) x1
Aeron's Chambers (KotS) x1
Shivering Sea (KotS) x1
Longship Iron Victory (KotS) x1
Scouting Vessel (KotS) x1
The Iron Mines (KotS) x1
Frozen Sea (TWoW) x1
Winter Armada (TWoW) x1

Event (7)
Assault of the Kraken (KotS) x1
Assertion of Might (KotS) x1
Kingsmoot (KotS) x1
Risen from the Sea (KotS) x1
Seasick (KotS) x1
The Price of War (KotS) x1
Winter Reserves (SA) x1

Attachment (7)
Support of Harlaw (KotS) x1
Veteran Marauder (KotS) x1
Fishing Net (ASoS) x2
White Raven (TWoW) x2
War Horn (TWoW) x1

Plot (7)
Rise of the Kraken (KotS) x1
After the Mummer's Ford (KotS) x1
An Empty Throne (KotS) x1
Siege of Riverrun (KotS) x1
A Time for Ravens (ACoS) x1
The Winds of Winter (TWoW) x1
Desolate Passage (TRS) x1

兎に角、"経済"が厳しいです。Gold が足りないと思います。安いCharacter(s) を沢山入れてごまかしましたが...
できれば、Core Set からLocation(s) を何枚か持って来て入れて下さい(〔Street of 〜〕や〔Sunset Sea〕)。
〔Shivering Sea〕 は外すか、Neutral Character(s) を増やすか、どちらかした方が良いでしょう。