VEKN ニューズレター 2019年3月

Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Newsletter March 2019

Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Newsletter March 2019 - Vampire: Elder Kindred Network


What´s next?
Arriving in April is a second printing of the Sabbat-themed pre-constructed decks. Coming up very soon afterward are a handful of promo cards in support of some upcoming major events. In the summer we'll celebrate the 25th anniversary of VTES with a special reprint bundle - we'll be digging very deep into the vaults for that one. Somewhere in the middle of all of that we'll be offering new demo decks to retailers so they can help us embrace new players. Following that, towards the end of 2019, we'll release a Camarilla-themed boxed set which will include everything needed to play VTES: pre-constructed decks, blood counters, an Edge marker, and an updated rulebook.

  • Sabbat pre-constructed decks の second printing


  • promo cards 数枚

その後 very soon。

  • 25th anniversary special reprint bundle


  • 新しい demo decks


  • Camarilla boxed set (pre-constructed decks、Blood カウンター、Edge マーカー、最新のルールブック)

2019 年の年末までに。
(VtES でちゃんとしたスターター・ボックスが出るのは初めてじゃないですかね!)

What else is down the road?
In the planning stages are pre-constructed decks for Anarchs as well as a follow-up expansion in support of the Camarilla box set. We're also in serious discussions about translating VTES into languages other than English – we'll have more information on that when we're prepared to announce it. We haven't met our original goals for making more reprints available, so we'll be pursuing that as well. Feedback for the Sabbat pre-constructed decks has been overwhelmingly positive and I expect we'll continue to pursue pre-constructed decks as a vehicle for reprints.

  • pre-constructed decks for Anarchs


  • (Camarilla) box set の expansion


  • VtES の非英語版

検討段階 (serious discussions)

  • more reprints (pre-constructed decks)

Sabbat 構築済みデッキが非常に好評だったので、リプリントは今後は構築済みデッキで出す予定、とのこと。

What is not planned?
I don't expect we'll return to the Sabbat until perhaps late 2020. We have a lot to work on for Camarilla and Anarchs for the next year or so, and there's still material to be developed for the Sabbat in V5 that we're waiting on so that the course is made clear. We'd love to work on Bloodlines clans again, particularly the ones we didn't cover in Lost Kindred, but those clans are on an indefinite hold until we get the green light from White Wolf for their development. The Laibon clans aren't on the horizon at this time.

  • Sabbat (に戻るのは)

2020 年後半になりそう。 これから一年は Camarilla と Anarchs で忙しい。 また、VtM 5版 の設定を待っている。

  • Bloodlines clans (特に Lost Kindred に入っていないやつら)

White Wolf からの許可待ち。

  • Laibon clans


  • (Imbued は?)